Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seomjin-gang in Gurye

We visited Persimmon Village or Damurak Village in Gurye and before we headed home, we dropped by to the Seomjin River which is just across the Village. Unlike the Seomjin River in Hadong, this Seomjin Gang in Gurye has also wonder view of the mountain, the sky and the river. There are even people go fishing which I think the perfect place for a picnic in summer for the whole family.

Look at the view of the river. Isn't it wonderful? My hubby told me to come back here in Spring and set our tent. What a nice idea!

The river became more beautiful with the colorful leaves in the mountain.

I think it's a fun place to play in the water for kids.

The river reminds me of my childhood when there were not many gadgets to use and most kids enjoy playing with the nature like splashing in the water with friends, climbing up trees, playing sports games under the sun, etc.

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