Saturday, November 9, 2013

Persimmons Village in Gurye

My hubby searched on the net and Damurak Village caught his attention and we were not disappointed of what we've seen. I don't know where it got its name but I think the village is more popular with Persimmons Village than Damurak Maeul because of the Persimmon trees planted all over the village. Damurak Village is located in Jeollanamdo Province Gurye-geun Gurye-eup Gyesan-li Yugok.

Before you reach the village, there are lots of street vendors selling persimmons. I was amazed of what I've seen because the side road is full of persimmon trees.

It amazed me more when we reached our destination because the village is surrounded by persimmon trees. We walked for more than an hour and from the entrance of the village until we gave up walking, the trees were all around us. The view of the persimmons are breathtaking. The persimmons are in both side of the street so I don't know which way I look. If on the left or right because everything are persimmons.

There are some people harvesting persimmons.

They are all persimmon trees down there.

Persimmons are fruits in autumn so going to Persimmon Village is also like visiting the falling leaves. It's like two birds in one stone, huh? Persimmons plantation and colorful leaves in one!

The village is not yet famous but I think a few years later, it will be very famous for its persimmons. Look at this mountain! It will be a persimmon plantation soon. They planted lots of persimmons in the mountain. I can't wait to see that again.

It will be one of the best places in Korea specially for a picnic. There's also this place for dabbling in the water for children in the summer.

We are now on the way to the parking lot. We didn't realize how far we've gone. The village is mountainous but it doesn't make you tired because of the wonderful site of the persimmons. We kept walking and didn't realize the time. We can still go far but we were afraid to reach the dark.

There aren't so many houses in the village and there are even big houses. The place is like the walking course in Jeju Island but instead of Tangerines in Jeju, they are Persimmons in Damurak Village.

There are also persimmons factory in the village.

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