Saturday, November 16, 2013

Let's Pick Baseballs

We found lots of baseball balls in Namhae Sports Park the last time that we went there. We were finding the parking lot when we saw that there are players playing baseball at the park. My hubby who loves baseball told me to watch them playing so after parking his car, we headed to the baseball park. On our way to the park, I saw a ball lying on the grass. A few steps away, I saw another one. Then, another one! And another one! My hubby was so happy with the baseballs so I told him to find balls, instead. He laughed and because of those smiles and happiness that I saw, I was encouraged to search more balls and after a few minutes, I have lots of balls in my bag. The balls that the player made homerun and went out of the park. Here are the balls.

I can find more if we stay there longer and if I have a bigger bag. haha... But my hubby told me that we can't bring them. Some players will go out later and find for the balls so I told him to leave the area so we can have the balls. Am I bad? hahaha... Hey, players! Just give them to us. I'm just so happy to see my hubby's smiles because of your balls. We'll just keep them as a remembrance from you. I'll wish you goodluck and hope someday I can see you in the baseball field and receive autographs from you.

See? My hubby was so happy while driving because of the balls. He said we can't bring those balls but still he was so glad that he has them. He hugged me, he held my hands from time to time while driving and when we are at the stop lights, he looked at the balls and laughed. Some balls are still new.

Look! My dog is also interested with the balls.

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