Sunday, October 17, 2010

Superstar K 2

I love Fridays but I started to love it more because I can watch my favorite cable program on TV the Superstar K 2. It's like American Idol. A singing contest for Koreans but the audition didn't only happen in Korea but also in some parts of the U.S where many koreans live there. If you remember John Park, one of the top contestants of American Idol, is now one of the top 2 of Superstar K. Next week Friday will be the most awaited day of the audiences like me specially to the Top Contestant John Park and Ho Gak. They are my favorites including Jang Jae In, but Jang Jae In was eliminated last week. I thought she would become the Superstar K 2.

Is it John Park or Ho Gak? Whoever! They are both my favorites. They both look kind and serious. They are friends and I can say that Ho Gak supported John Park a lot. I was touched last week because John Park's mom who was in the US came in Korea because of Ho Gak's help. Two weeks ago, they performed at the Navy and Ho Gak won so one of his gifts was to make a wish and it will be granted. His wish was to meet John Park and his mom. He said Koreans once met their parents but John Park couldn't meet his mom because she's in America. So last week, John Park and his mom met through Ho Gak.

From the beginning of the program, I saw how Ho Gak supported John Park. I think one of the reasons why Ho Gak is chosen by the crowd is because he's kind, gentle, and loving person. John Park also looks kind and down to earth. Besides, he's handsome that's why most of his fans are ladies. And because he has lived in America, so foreigners support him and Koreans too because he can speak English well, one the weakness of Korean ladies.

Anyway the two deserve to win but they have to choose only one. Well, can't just they share their price money 2og won (around 200,000 dollars)? How about the car? Who will bring the car? Hmmm...

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