Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wear Your Helmet

Here in Korea, there's what they called Dabang Agassi or Coffee Girl. They are the girls riding behind the driver of single motorcycles delivering coffee. The motorcyles are too noisy. They have loud music and you'll see the girls wearing thick make up and a short skirt even in winter. And sometimes you can also see them in the rain. Oh well, I don't care about their job. What I care about is, they ride a motorcycle without wearing motorcycle helmets. I'm sure they know how dangerous it is but they don't care about it. I hope they can realize how important helmets are before it's too late. I feel so sorry for them because I saw motorcycles accidents many times because the drivers drive too fast. Maybe because they have to deliver on time.

I'm sharing this post of mine not only to the Coffee Girls but also to all motorcycle drivers. You have to wear a helmet and motorcycle clothing if possible or else you'll regret later. There are lots of motorcycles clothing to choose from. In different colors, sizes and styles. You can get them at the one of the most popular online stores. Well, leather pants are also available. The cheaper and more comfortable pants in a very low price.

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