Tuesday, January 6, 2009

travel, travel, travel....

You know how much I love adventures! I love travelling but as you see, we haven't travelled for a long time. If not because of the economic crisis specially the sudden increased of dollar rate, we already flew to Nepal and India. The places that hubby loves to visit. We waited for few months hoping that the exchange rate would decrease but it happened in an opposite way. Instead of travelling, we decided to open a business so now we can't go anywhere. We miss taking a plane. We can't even go out and continue our adventure here in Korea because of the weather. It's winter here so it's cold and it's dangerous to travel anywhere specially when it snowed. And my hubby has to work on Saturdays and I sometimes go with him. He works and I wait. I stay in the office and use computer. He said I can do anything on the computer except blogging. Omona!

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