Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Korean Traditional Way of Relieving the Pain

I had a stomachache yesterday. My hubby gave me some medicine twice but it was still painful. He couldn't think that it was a food poisoning because we ate the same thing and he didn't have stomachache. Hubby suddenly thought of the Korean traditional way of relieving the pain which I was afraid of. He took the needle and thread. Although I didn't want and afraid of it, I just let him do because my stomachache was getting worse. I just asked him if he already did that before and he replied, "Yes, many times." I was nervous so I went to the bathroom to pee eventhough I didn't feel like doing it.

At first, he gave me some massage at the back. It seems like he was pulling down some blood going down to my hands. He did it many times before he tied up my thumb and shot my finger with the needle. I shouted whenever he gave shot and after doing it for three times I told him to stop. When he was done, I felt very cold and started to shiver because I was afraid and thinking of the blood on my finger. I waited for myself to relax before I looked at my thumb. I didn't see any blood. I asked my hubby where the blood was. He said, he felt sorry because he made a mistake. He said that was his first time to do that thing and he just lied to me so that I won't feel nervous. Yaiks! We both laughed and the pain released. I felt good and I slept well last night. I was okay when I woke up this morning. I just wanna say that my hubby was my doctor and I was his first patient.

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