Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Busy Life

I just want to update you guys on what happened after posting my previous post. I told you about my priority but all of our planned were suddenly changed. We were at home watching tv when my father in law called around 1 a.m. and he said that they were with her friend's house and we had to meet them the next morning. Our appointment with my in laws was 9a.m. but we couldn't get up. My hubby sent a message to my father in law and told him to make it at 10, instead. My father in law got angry when we met him. He said he can't depend on us if he was dying and need us on time. But my hubby said that was different situation.

We went to the mountain to bow down to my hubby's ancestors' tomb then we went to my sister in law's house. We had lunch there and had a talk about lots of things. Then my hubby suddenly disappeared. I thought he was in the bathroom then after a long time of waiting for him to come back, I checked him out and saw him snoring in one of the bedrooms. My inlaws also wanted me to sleep with him but I said I wasn't tired although I really was. I woke up my hubby at 4:30 because we had an important appointment around 5p.m. so we left my in laws. At night, we called my parents in law and said that they were already on their way home. I'm just glad that they can understand us. Oh, what a busy life!

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