Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer ghosts

I was watching tv with hubby then i suddenly left him. It's summer and some programs on tv are scary. I got scared on the program where they were talking about ghosts. Their experiences, songs and movies that have watched. It scared me more when they showed scary pictures on tv.

I don't like watching a scary movie, drama, or any programs related to ghosts and some scary stuffs. I also don't like watching bloody movies. It always reminds me the scene that i saw and even sometimes appears in my dream.

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, i don't but i already saw three times. Some said that it was just my dream but i believe on what i have seen. Those were real.

Oooppsss... I have to finish it now. It's already past 12 midnight and i'm scared because i'm alone here in this room. My hubby is sleeping now.

By the way, why am i telling about the ghosts? In Korea when its summer they usually show some scary programs. They said when you are scared, you will suddenly feel cold. Hmmmm...i think so!

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Jazel said...

i agree. can we exchange link.. thnks?