Thursday, July 3, 2008

A small park

Good morning peeps! I just wanna share you this pictures that i've taken when we went to the park. It was out of our plan to go to this park. We even didn't know that there is a park here. But because we were with our dog so we had to go out of the car and take her a walk.

It is a small park but there were people specially hajumas (women) and ajassis (men) with their kids.

Hubby and I sometimes go out for a drive without any plan on where to go. Just when we are tired of lying down and watching tv, we go out to take a walk or for a drive. We used to go out for a picnic during the weekends with a map on our hands and some snacks but now a days we prefer to stay home maybe because we had nowhere to go. There are still many places that we couldn't visit. Temples, beaches, islands, mountains, they are all the same. Once you see one, it seems like you already saw them all. We want to go to some places but we have to stay there for 2-3 days so we have to make our schedule for that.


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