Saturday, March 29, 2008

events in the airport

Again, here's another interesting thing that we found inside the Incheon airport. There is this event where they teach you how to make some stuffs like these cases and necklaces. Click pictures to enlarge.

They provide all the materials you need and teach you how to make one. Then they give you for free the one that you made. I was curious so i watched them making but didn't try for myself. Hubby told me to try to make one but we had to go when it was my turn. Ajassi (old guy) told me that i can just get one with those samples that they made but i don't like that pencil case. I want the necklace but ajassi is not in charge of those necklaces. Hubby said, maybe the woman will give me a necklace if i'll tell her but i was shy to do it so we just left.

When we arrived in Thailand, we saw this necklaces so hubby bought two for me. I like them but i will like them more if i'm the one who make. Click picture to enlarge.

While i'm posting this, i told hubby that i want to learn how to make some accessories made from beads. But i think i need an instructions on how to make them. But hubby told me to just take a rest. Maybe he thought about the cross stitch that i made. I really wanted to make one before and it took me two years before i finished one. It's just a cushion and i made it when i was in the mood that's why it took me that long. hehehe...

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