Monday, March 3, 2008


It has been a while again since i last posted here and i think i have to give more attention on this blog of mine that's why i'm here.

My sister in law delivered a cute and adorable baby girl and we visited her during her stay in the hospital. And we usually visit her at home on the weekends when she was out of the hospital. I dunno much what people do when someone delivers the baby but when i visited my hubby's friend's wife or relatives, we always bring some baby clothes or diapers. When we visited my sister in law we also brought some diapers when she was in the hospital and beef bones when she left for home. Check out here, to know what is that beef bones for.

I heard from my mom in law that my sister in law received some money from her inlaws, relatives and friends who visited her while she was in the hospital. I didn't know that they also give money when somebody delivered a baby. That's great! At least Koreans don't only make money when they get married but also when they deliver a baby. hehehehe...

Here are the flowers that my sister also received besides from the diaper, baby clothes, and money.

Agassi chukhaheyo!

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