Saturday, July 14, 2007

You know you've been in Korea too long when.... don't want to be in the sun because your skin will get darker. can pick up a single strand of noodles with chopsticks. ask for more "ko-chu" because the kimchi-chige soup is not hot enough. don't leave home without an umbrella.

...your back is sore from bowing. wonder where your pickles are for your pizza. can eat barefooted in a restaurant with a foot in your lap. expect corn as a normal topping for food. use handtowels as bathtowels. can fall asleep on the city bus and wake up at your stop. prefer chopsticks to forks. look forward to Chusok and the Lunar New Year each year. think that Korea's greatest natural resource is good looking young women. don't bless people when they sneeze.

...people ask if you want to go by car and you respond, "No, I'm in a hurry." forget some countries can actually drink their tapwater. go to the hospital because you have a cold. wear white socks with a dark suit. can use a public bathroom for both genders and think nothing of it. carry tissues with you everywhere. know all the words to the Korean National Anthem and you enjoy singing it. can't think of the English for common sayings like "molayo" and "igo". use extremely rough bath scrubs. don't expect to pay more than $1 for socks. forget there is such a thing as tipping. find it easier to translate things to Korean rather than to English.'d rather sit on the floor than in a chair. start believing that you can blend into a large crowd of Koreans. want to yell "chogi-yo" to call a waiter. let your eyes be drawn towards any female whose hair isn't black. answer the phone by saying "yoboseyo".

...someone says "mansion" and you think of a two bedroom flat in a 400-unit apartment building. mutter "Aigu" when lifting a heavy objects. start craving gimchi. need rice with every meal. select shoes based on how easily you can get them on and off. answer "Nhe" even when speaking English to non-Korean friends. don't freak out when the salad arrives with octopus legs still wiggling on top of it. believe that ALL Korean food is healthy (and will cure SARS) . think carpet feels strange. feel guilty for walking into a room with your shoes on. look for slippers to enter the bathroom. make many mistakes in your English.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a Filipina based in Anyang. Like you, I have a Korean spouse.... I find this entry very amusing but so true...^^