Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gunsan Public Market

When travelling, visiting the markets is one of the most interesting things to do specially if you're out of town or country. It is where you can discover lots of strange, yummy or edible foods that you've never tried or seen before. Also, you can know what people eat in that area. So, when we visited Gunsan City, the Gunsan Public Market caught our attention not only because we usually visit some markets in town but also the market is so attractive. It looks so much different in and out from the Korean markets.

Here's the market building.

There's also a playgroud near the entrance.

The entrance.

Inside the market with lots of different kinds of products.

If you're looking for different kinds of spices, you can see them at Gunsan Market. They sell everything inside. From fruits, vegetables, spices, fermented food, preservatives, plastic trash, clothes, etc.

There are also restaurants that you can enjoy when you feel tired of shopping or looking around. Everything looks in order and the food looks yummy. Too bad that we just had lunch when we visited there. I really wanted to experience eating inside and taste the yummy smell food.

The interior doesn't only look good outside but also inside. There are even benches where you can relax and refresh specially in the summer.

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