Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make Korean Passport

Me and my hubby went to the Government Office yesterday to make our Korean passports. We already have ones but we needed different passport if we visit the US although it's not sure yet that we are going there but still we need to prepare just in case that we can visit there. They said we need electronic passports if we go to the US. I didn't know that people going to the said country use different passports. The passports that we have now aren't expired yet because our passports guaranteed for 15 years. As you know, when we make passports we need to choose on how long we want our passports to be valied. There are one year, 5 years, 10 years and 15 years. Of course the longer years you choose, the more money you have to pay.

We don't care about the money that we are going to pay, what we care about are the stamps on our passports. We love our passports now because they have lots of stamps from different countries. Stamps of visas from the countries that we've visited so if we change our passports, it seems like we have to start our travel again. It just feel good when we go to the immigration at the airport and the worker give stamps to our passports and there aren't lots of questions to be answered because they can see that we've traveled a lot so it's okay to stay in the country. I mean the stamps say everything, that we came to the country to travel and not for any bad reasons like staying illegally or what.

Anyway, the worker at the government office told us to take another photo for our passports because the photos that we had are the same photos on our present passports. Oooppsss... it's just also now that I found out that they also have the copy of our passports on their computer. Wow~...

Well, because of the denying of our photos we are thinking now if we take pictures and go back to the office and make electronic passports or just give up going to the US. You know how much we love our passports now and we have to think twice about it.

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