Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Day at Work

It's my last day at work. Finally, my boss hired a new worker. I trained her for three days and today was the last day of her training so it was my last day at work. The new worker was worried to work without me but I'm sure she will get used to it. Her job is not that hard but it seems like she's afraid of answering a phone call which I also used to.

My boss told me her to call whenever she is in trouble or whenever there's something that she doesn't know about her job. He told her that I know more than my boss because he trusted me and left everything in me when it comes to office work. My boss also asked me a favor to answer a phone call when its from them. Of course, I do. I'm also glad that my boss trusted me with that job for almost a year eventhough I didn't have any experience.

Before I left my boss shook my hands and he said he was grateful that I have worked with him and he said I did a great job. He also told me to come anytime.

Btw, he asked me for a dinner with my hubby but I rejected it. I said my hubby is busy. He said just let him know anytime so he can treat us for dinner before we leave the Island. Well....

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