Friday, December 30, 2011

Not Married Korean Couple

What do you think of lovers who are not married but are staying in the hotel together? A not friend of mine is living in the hotel with her boyfriend. They stayed in the hotel for almost a week. But one day, the girl drank too much and she was so angry when she came back to the hotel. She kicked the table at the lobby and her boyfriend didn't know what to do. He asked what the problem was. The girl was leaving and the man was pulling her in order not to leave but the girl told another guy to call a police. She was so funny!

The girl left in the middle of the night and her boyfriend borrowed a flashlight at the hotel so he can find her in the dark night. I think they made a very scene. It seems like a film that is very interesting to watch. I laughed out loud when my co-worker told me about it in the morning. My co-worker said that the girl was like a crazy woman who always carry a doll wherever she goes. She's pretty but her personality is blank.

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