Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Savings from Piggy Banks

I opened my two piggy banks. One is for 10 and 50won and another one for 100 and 500won. I have them for almost a year. Whenever I have coins in my purse, I put them inside. I didn't pay much attention about saving some coins. I just insert them in my piggy bank when I clean my bag or I need to lighten it.

I can't imagine that I can save more than $75 for coins. Actually, my hubby sometimes take some of them when he has no money for his cigarettes. haha... If my hubby didn't take some of them, maybe I could save around 100 bucks.

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Jean Marie said...

i cracked my piggy bank last January and i didn't expect that I can save a large amount of money with out coins in the Philippines! I was able to save Php6,500!