Monday, June 6, 2011

Do you love cycling?

Summer! Summer! It's getting hotter now a days but it doesn't mean that we don't need to exercise or we don't need to do some sports. Of course we need to exercise for our health and sports give us enjoyment to our lives and at the same time maintain our good health. What's your favorite sports and what do you enjoy the most? In my case, I don't like any sports. I love traveling and I think it's one of the best exercise. When I travel, I take a walk and sometimes ride a bike. I remember my trip in Cambodia where me and my hubby rented bikes and visited most of the temples in Siem Riep including Angkor Wat, the most famous temple in Cambodia. I think most backpackers do the same thing. They rent bikes to visit the temples because it's cheap and it's a great experience.

As you know, it's too hot in Cambodia so we were too tired and thirsty. In Angkor Wat, there were lots of vendors where they force you to buy some things specially drinks in a very high price so it would be better to bring some water or drinks when you are planning to visit the temples. Or if you love biking, it's better to have a Camelbak Pack. It's too comfortable and I think it's too nice to see someone with a camelbak pack. Don't you think so?

If you love cycling and want to look cool or fascinating, I recommend you to get a Camelbak Hydration Pack. It's not only because you will look great but also you need it to avoid dehydration while you are riding a bike. Also, it can help you avoid some accidents and your journey won't be bothered. You don't need to stop to drink because Camelbak Hydration Pack allowed you to drink without taking your hands off of the handlebars in technical terrain.

Btw, you can't only use camelbak when you go cycling but also for hiking, running, snowboarding and skiing. So, if you're an athlete, like doing things outdoor or a soldier, I think you will need one. They are very affordable and free shipping on orders over $25. So choose your own camelbak now! There are over a hundred items that you can choose from. You may also want to buy for your kids because there are also camelbak for kids. I'm sure they will look great with camelbak, besides it's also for their own safetiness and for their health. And how about buying for two. One for you and another one for your kid. I can't imagine you and your kid wearing them. Oh, how sweet and cute you are!

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