Sunday, April 26, 2009


Although it's still cold at night but it seems like spring is almost finished. Some flowers in my neighborhood are starting to wither and you can see the trees are fully recovered with leaves. I always think of going out on the weekend and take some pictures of flowers but it seems like they will all gone before I could take them. Maybe, I'll just have to wait for my flowers that I have mentioned here.

It's raining here now. It has been raining since yesterday so it's cold again. I started to wear short sleeves pajamas last week but now I'm back ot long sleeves pajamas. The weather is too strange. It's hot in the afternoon and cold at night. If not of the flowers, I can't even think that there's what we called Spring because of the weather. I want to enjoy those nice flowers and weather in Spring.

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Asian Traveler said...

If ever I'll get the chance to visit Korea, it would be in springtime. :)

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