Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

Hmmmm... It's Spring now! It's sometimes hot and sometimes cold specially at night. The flowers are almost gone but I haven't been to any flower festival. I just saw lots of flowers in my neighborhood, on the way to my work and to my in laws. My mother in law is here and she's inviting us to go out and see some flowers but we don't feel like going out today. We slept around 5 a.m. last night so we are sleepy now. We have just got up when my mother in law came. We were surprise of her doorbell. Although we know that she's coming today, we didn't expect that she would come earlier. But hubby asked why she came without calling.

I always don't expect a call when my in laws come here. They sometimes call but there were times that they surprised us. I mean surprise because it's they usually come without any phone call. So don't be surprised when someone knocked or you saw your in laws at the screen door. Well, it's Korea!

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traveler said... you mean : unexpected coming? I must to prepare myself for that when in Korea...right?