Saturday, February 28, 2009

Don't scare me!

What a nice weather it is! Spring is just around the corner. Our tent is waiting for us to go and sleep outside. My hubby was inviting me to go out and take a walk this afternoon but I was too sleepy. I was playing with my nintendo game when I fell asleep on the sofa. It was already dark when I woke up. My hubby was inviting me to go out again for dinner but I was too lazy to change my clothes and put on make up. I told him to just order some chicken but he said he wasn't in the mood for chicken. Instead of going out, I just cooked his favorite kimchi fried rice (kimchi bukeumpap). Although it was too greasy, (I'm not sure if that's because of the meat or I put too much oil), he ate all. He must be hungry or maybe he just missed eating kimchi fried rice because I haven't made him that dish for a long time. Cutting the vegetables into small sizes takes too long time so I don't like making kimchi fried rice.

My hubby scared me while I was cooking. I was taking something from the refrigerator when he went to the room next to the kitchen and stood up holding the curtain and candle. I screamed and fell down. He laughed at first and then he felt sorry when he saw me shivering so he stood me up and hugged. I'm sure he would never do that again!

Oh gosh! Don't scare me if you don't want me to die early.

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Shimumsy said...

hi, i'ts almost spring time here, actually, we will start with daylight saving time next weekend but today we are having a big snow storm. i hope this will be the last for the season.