Sunday, May 4, 2008

Long drive

Yesterday, i went for a drive with hubby. The weather was nice and it was really great to go out and get some fresh air. After the long cold weather, i didn't feel the air in spring because it feels like it's already summer. It was 30 degrees temperature yesterday and it was really hot so i told hubby to turn on the aircon in his car for the first time of this year.

We didn't have any particular place in mind so we just went out for a drive. We drove slowly to get fresh air and when we see a great place to rest then we get off the car.

Here's a nice road to go for a drive. The curve road. You have to climb up and down the mountain. Can you see the motorcycle? It looks wonderful but i was terrified that he would fall.

How about this unique store?

We also saw a big lake. There were people fishing so i told hubby to go back there someday but he said the water is dirty to catch fish. hehehe...

It was around 2p.m when we got hungry so we went to the restaurant to eat hangari daejigalbi. We also stayed in the park and that's for my next post. We came home around 6p.m. and that was really a long drive.


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