Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Buddha's Birthday

Today is another holiday here. This day is called Seokga tansini, meaning "the day of Buddha's birthday" or Bucheonim osin nal meaning "the day when Buddha arrived". Lotus lanterns cover the entire temple throughout the month which are often flooded down the street. You see the lanterns hanging on the trees.

I wish every Monday is holiday. hehehe... My mother in law invited us to go to the mountain but hubby was sleepy. We got up early this morning. It's my first time to get up at 5a.m. I was thirsty so i got up to drink some water and then i saw that my hubby was awake, too. We decided to visit my mother in law and had breakfast there. After breakfast, we went back home and slept again because we were so sleepy. hehehe...

We got up again at past 12 and had lunch then we played badminton and got some exercise. I'm gonna tell you about it next time and show you some pictures.

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