Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Children's Day

It's holiday today because of Children's Day. Most Korean parents are always busy so it's their turn to give time to their children on this day. Because it is holiday that's why we had to do the event for the students in advance. Last Friday, we had the event called "Dallant day". Kids collect some points and they will use them when Dallant day comes. The dallants serve as money. We give some points to the student who is kind, did a good job, studied hard, did the homework well and if they won in the game. We also deduct some points if they did the opposite. Students are very happy and very proud when they receive some points.

The night before the event, we prepared some stuffs to sell for the students. We stayed in the office until we didn't finish preparing everything except the food that we had to prepare during the event of course. I was in charge to sell the stationeries and toys with one of my co-workers. Here are the stuffs that we sold.

Some teachers were in charge of the food. They sold sandwiches and tokkpokki with juice. Other teachers were giving some presents. Yes, everyone was very busy and we were all tired after, so my boss bought dinner for us. We went to the japanese restaurant and had raw fish. After dinner, they went to noraebang (karaoke bar) but i went home with the other teacher. I couldn't stay late because i had to go out with hubby the next morning.


bb_ANN said...

buti pa jan may CHILDREN'S DAY...I'm teaching english to koreans, most of them were absent yesterday..^^

Echos Erita said...

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Anonymous said...

hey..i couldn't help clicking your site...you're from korea pala. i love reading your site because i can learn a thing or two about south korea. it's one of my favorite country kasi. how long have you been there? can we exchange links?