Saturday, October 27, 2007


Finally, my blog was approved by PPP. I heard from many blogger friends how they make money through blogging and most of them are members of PPP. I read on their blogs how much they earn and i can't imagine that they can make that much. Well, everything became possible because of PPP. Everyone are talking and blogging about it. They share some ideas on how to make much money and how their blogs become more popular and get more traffics. Besides they also became more active in blogging. I knew that most of them are satisfied in signing up Payperpost so i got interested into it. Because like them i also want to make money because Christmas is coming and i need more allowance to buy some presents.

I thought blogging is just like sharing your life, sharing some pictures and making friends. And now i found out that we can also make money through blogging. Isn't it great? Making money while making friends and sharing your thoughts to others?

Signing up to Payperpost is not just making money but also learning the blog ethics. We need to know that blogging is not just sharing but also considering others.

So if you're not yet a member of PPP, sign up now and don't miss the opportunity.

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crazed_heck said...

am waiting for mine to be approved...cant wait to write for they pay on time?

just bloghoppin here...