Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mudeung San (Mt. Mudeung)

I love mountains but never tried to climb up because of hubby. He doesn't like hiking. He just love watching the nice view while driving.

I don't remember how many times i've been to mudeung san but i love this mountain. I like the fresh air and the curve road on the way to the mountain.

We'll see this bridge going to the park after passing the curve road.

Here's the park where we couldn't stay longer because of our dog.

We didn't know that dogs are not allowed in this park until somebody told us while we were taking a rest.

If we couldn't stay in the park, we are not allowed to enter the mountain either. We found out that there was a $500 dollar fine for those who caught up carrying a dog. So sad! I also remember that there is a stream but when we tried to go there, well, we saw again the sign for the pets. Ouch! So, we just stayed under the trees and relax. Anyway, the air is cool!


Anonymous said...

again, thank you very much for the pictures!

If you keep it up, i might go to korea myself! :D

Anonymous said...

ganda siguro jan no? ;)

JaMaeLa said...

it's beautiful! gahh. korea is <3! try going there next time without your dog. =) it'll be worth the visit!