Sunday, October 7, 2007


I started to blog because i want to share my life, travel, share some pictures and tell you everything about Korea. Then i found out that it also helps to improve my writing skills. And the most important thing about it is that i made lots of friends through blogging. I met many people throughout the world.

Well, here's another good news for us bloggers. I've signed to PPP and i think it's a good way of making money while making friends and sharing good things to our readers. Now a days, i usually see blogger friends blogging about the money they earned through PPP and what they did with all the money they earned. I heard from them how they were satisfied signing up to this site so i've got interested to it. I also want to blog about something that get interest to other people and at the same time making money. Doesn't it sound good?

Well guys, like me why don't you also try PPP and see the good opportunities waiting for you. You will be surprised to the opportunities that they offer.

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