Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dabang Agassi

Dabang (tea-room or coffee shop) Agassi (An unmarried or young woman). Dabang Agassi are the type of prostitute here in Korea who delivers coffee.

When you see someone riding in a back ride of a motorcycle with a very loud sound of music, that is dabang agassi carrying coffee. They always wear very short skirt or shorts that are too short matching with a sleeveless shirt.

The motorcycle they ride runs too fast and never follows the traffic signs. I think most drivers tick off when they get close to them because they just suddenly appear or pass without following the traffic lights.

I remember one Sunday morning when somebody doorbelled at home. My hubby looked at the screen and talked but the girl didn't say anything. Hubby asked again and she said nothing. Hubby opened the door and the girl suddenly said that the coffee came. Hubby said that he never ordered coffee. The girl suddenly left and we found out that the man next door ordered. hehehe...


Anonymous said...

What if your hubby really did order the coffee? jus kidding. lol. have a great Korean day!

Anonymous said...

what's going to happen next if I for example ordered the coffee?... i wonder if there's any of those here (philippines)


JaMaeLa said...


wow. i discovered something today.. =)

thanks! you're site is nice, by the way!!