Friday, June 15, 2007


Anmyeondo is the sixth largest island in Korea. It is located at the west coast of Korea connected with Namyeon in Tae-an. It was originally a waterway, built during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1911) to help with transporting ships, but eventually became an artificial island. In 1960, the island became connected to mainland through the Yeonyuk Bridge.

Anmyeondo is very famous of its good beaches. One of the famous beaches is the Kkotji beach where you can see the Halmi and Halabi bawi (grandma and grandpa rocks).

This is the view when we went there around 7a.m. in the morning.

Then we've decided to have breakfast but when we came back. Here's what we saw.

I was curious so invited hubby to come closer to the rocks and see what people were doing. Oh well, here they are, getting some Kkul. Oh well, some people have also soju (korean alcohol) beside them. hehe...

We drove there for 4 hours so we've decided to stay in a pension house where we stayed on our first travel there. The owner gave us some discount because it's our second time to stay there.

If you know the drama 내 남자의 여자 nae namja ui yoja (my man's woman), they shoot some scene here. Here's the view from the hotel where we attended a wedding ceremony.

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