Saturday, January 25, 2014

Neighborhood in Seoul

My hubby always feels bored when we are in my parents-in-law's house. So whenever we visit there, we always go out for a walk in the neighborhood. So, the last time that we went there, we took a walk in the neighborhood again.

We usually take this route which is very close to my in-law's apartment. Just go down the building and you'll see this walking course with artificial (man-made) stream.

We decided to walk a little bit farther and this lane made me laughed. It's just few steps but we had to wait for a few minutes for the traffic light to be changed before we can cross the street. I also live in one of the largest cities in Korea but I've never seen traffic lights in a very narrow street. Although there are lanes but no traffic lights so when there's no car coming, you can just cross the street anytime you want. Well, I just thought that this is Seoul, the capital city of Korea.

The next day, we decided to change our route. We walked and walked until we reached this beautiful village. It seems like we are traveling out of the country. I've never thought that there's something like this in Korea specially in Seoul. My in-laws who live in downtown of Seoul where there are lots of high buildings, so for me, this kind of view of Seoul is something unique.

Oh, that cute little puppy looks very sad staring outside.

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