Friday, November 9, 2012

Namhae Sports Park

We went to Namhae to have oysters but we couldn't find any oysters restaurant so my hubby asked me where's the best place to visit in Namhae. Because my hubby likes sports so I suggested to visit Namhae Sports Park. He was so happy when I mentioned the park. He was so grateful that I reminded him about the park so it was our first destination in Namhae.

I remember this picture. I already posted it here on my last visit to Namhae Sports Park. It looks like the superman who helped a guy.

This nude lady is so cute. She looks innocent with wonderful poise.

Too bad that the park is under renovation. The baseball stadium is messed up unlike before that there were even players playing. But the park will look great when it's done because I saw that the workers work hard and there are lots of new things to expect for. My hubby said he would probably go back there after winter.

The stadium and some area of the park are messy but the beauty of it still remains specially the beautiful view.

There's also a big hotel at the park so you don't need to worry for your accommodation just in case that you wanna stay there for a night. The hotel has also a beautiful view of the sea.

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