Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beach Hotel in Jeju Island

One of the most important thing to consider when traveling is the accommodation specially in Jeju Island. Jeju Island is also famous for its beautiful beaches so your vacation in Jeju Island is complete if you get a hotel near the beach specially in summer.

This beach hotel is cheap, clean, has a nice view and near one of the most famous beaches in Jeju Island. There are different kinds of room, the double room (double bed room), twin room (two singles room), double twin room (a room with one double bed and a single bed) suite room (a double room with a living room) and the ondol room (korean style room). A Korean style room is a room without bed. You sleep on the floor with some mattresses. I recommend this kind of room if you visit Jeju in winter or cold weather or if you have a baby so you don't need to worry for him/her to fall off on the bed.

Here's the twin room. It is a good room if you are spending the night with your friend.

The double room. This room is good for couple.

The suite room. The living room is separated with the room so it's good for the whole family or for large number of people. Two can sleep in the room and the rest in the living room.

The double twin room. It's good for 3 people.

Here's the aisle.

The bathroom.

The lobby. It's a small lobby. Anyway, it's near the beach so it's better to stay in the veranda of the room or go to the beach rather than to stay in the lobby.

I recommend you to make a reservation to a travel agency than calling directly to the hotel. It's cheaper specially if you are a foreigner. I heard it's because they are giving a lower price to the agencies because they often make reservations to the hotel.

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