Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jeju Dongmun Wet Market

One of the most interesting thing to do when travelling is to visit the markets specially when you travel out of the country. The reason is to know what people eat in that country, city or area if you just visit the other town. So, if you visit Jeju Island or Jejudo, don't forget to visit Jeju Dongmun Market. It is where you see different kinds of food specially seafoods.

It's the best place if you're looking for sea foods as presents to bring home for the family if you're just living in another city.

It's also fun to see how the vendors clean and cut to sell the rawfish. Here's one.

It's fun to see how fast they do it but it's also heartbreaking because the fish look pitiful.

But they also look yummy after that heartbreaking feeling. hehe..

If you can't eat raw fish, there are also restaurants inside where they serve different kinds of menu. Me and my hubby were craving for teokpokki, sundae and mandu so we went inside the small restaurant that we saw inside the market and had some. There were so many customers but we weren't satisfied with the food. It's just the same restaurant in Jejudo Island where they serve you and say goodbye. I mean it's not delicious and they don't care about it because they know that you are a traveler and will never come back again.

Well, if you visit Jejudo, it's better to eat raw than going to the restaurant where you will just feel upset and disappointed because of the food.

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