Friday, September 28, 2012

Sandwich Day!

I'm back! After a few months, here I am again back to the blogging world. I really miss updating here on my blog. I was just busy for the past few months. Hang on there fellows, I've got lots of things to share after the long vacation that I had here on my blog. But first of all, I just want to update my blog for now. I just feel good because it's Friday tomorrow and "Chuseok" or Korean Thanksgiving Day is coming. So there's no work from Saturday to Wednesday. Actually Chuseok is on Sunday and after Chuseok is always holiday to give prior to the people who visit their relatives to far places. So Monday is also a holiday. Tuesday is not a holiday but it's a sandwich day because Wednesday is another holiday, it's the National Foundation Day. Instead of working on Tuesday, most of companies, schools, etc. are having a holiday from Saturday-Wednesday.

Ahhhh, it's really good to have a long vacation. Thanks to Sandwich Day!

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