Friday, October 7, 2011

Got Shot Because of Sore Eyes

I woke up in the morning with painful eyes. I asked my hubby if we had medicine for sore eyes because my eyes were sticky and I couldn't open them. My hubby got up and told me to prepare to go to the hospital. We went to the nearest hospital in a small town and to our surprise, there wasn't any ophthalmologist. The receptionist said that I can get a check up and they can give me precriptions for medicine. I met the doctor. He asked something about my eyes and the nurse brought me to the other room where they gave me a shot. Ouch! I don't know what that shot for. I didn't know they also give shot for sore eyes. It was my first time, anyway.

We bought the prescribed medicine and went home. After few hours, my hubby told me to go to the ophthalmology in the city. We found a good ophthalmologist in the city. He examined my eyes and the nurse was about to give me a shot but I told her that I got shot in the hospital. I also showed the medicines that we bought. They prescribed us different medicines and I felt relieved after taking the pills and putting some eye drops in my eyes.

My eyes were sored for two days. After 3 days they were fine. A little bit red but not painful anymore. Thanks God! It was really uncomfortable to work with eyeglasses indoor.

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