Thursday, August 11, 2011

International Marriage

I met someone and he said he's a President for International Marriage or Multicultural Couples. They are the couples whose husbands are koreans and wives are foreigners usually from the Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. He said among the 10 couples, 3 of them get divorce. I said the reason is because there is no love between the couples so they get separated. But he said there are bad foreign wives who just like to get married Korean so they can come here in Korea. He also said that those who live well are those whose husbands send money to their family back home.

Before he will meet the couples (korean man and a foreign girl), he will make an appointment to Korean to send money to the family of his wife which is 300,000won or about $250. Those who make the promise are living well with their foreign wives and those who can't send money are mostly divorce.

What do you think of this kind of relationship? I just feel bad about this kind of situation. I feel bad because it's true that most foreigners specially living in poor countries just wanna escape their countries so they are looking for foreign husbands. I also feel bad to Koreans who use their money so they can get married young foreign ladies.

Too bad that foreigners expect too much when they come here in Korea. They think all Koreans are rich. They didn't know that Koreans who are looking for foreign wives are those who can't get married to Korea. Most of them are farmers, fishermen, etc. that's why many of them get divorce.

There are many who are living well but most of them are those who have courted before they got married. I mean there's love between the couple. But still there are also couples who end up with separation because of language and culture barriers.

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International Marriage said...

Language and culture barrier is something which isn't avoidable in international marriage. Sometimes it becomes the main problems of relationships.