Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Korean Wedding

We attended the wedding of my hubby's cousin. The night before the wedding, we were invited to have dinner at aunt's house. There were lots of food. We were also introduced to cousin's husband to be. After dinner, aunt gave us some rice cakes to take home. I don't rice cake much but it was delicious, so instead of bread I had rice cakes when I felt hunger.

The next day, we woke up early to pick up my sister in law, mother in law, and aunts and took them to the wedding hall. My hubby became the family driver because it was Saturday and my brother in law was working. We were late at the ceremony but at least we saw this.

In Korea, most of the wedding are held at the wedding hall. The ceremony takes less than 30 minutes because another couple is waiting on the list. After the wedding is the reception which is also held on the other floor of the wedding hall. Each floor depends on how much the food cost. You put money in the envelope and give to the family of the bride or groom and they will give you a coupon for food. Here's at the reception.

It's always a buffet-style at the reception. There are different kinds of food. You can see everything that you are looking for. Any menu from pork, beef, vegetables, fruits, drinks except wine, fish, porridge, etc.

Every table have some alcohol, beer, cola and soda. Here's what I have on my plate.

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