Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Korean Cultural Experience

Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation is committed to various programs aimed for the preservation, transmission, and creative use of the Korean Cultural achievement and activities to promote international cooperation for the development of the valuable intangible cultural heritage across the world.

I always wanted to experience the traditional Korean arts and crafts whenever I go to Incheon International Airport. After several times of using the airport, I finally experienced it last month while waiting for my flight.

It is located next to Gate 24 and 31 (2 different locations on the 3rd floor). The Korea Traditional Craftworks is on the departure level. It's free for the foreigners. The instructors will help you make various traditional Korean arts and crafts pieces while giving you detailed information on its background.

There are lots of interesting things to do while waiting for your flight at Incheon International Airport. There's also the Korean Traditional Arts Performance and Experiencing Korean Instrument where you can explore the fantastic world of traditional Korean music. You can also experience the Traditional Korean Cultural Lifestyle where you can dress up the traditional Korean costume and enjoy the traditional Korean folk game.

Note that the experience program dates are subject to change.

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