Friday, January 21, 2011

Korean East Coast

Because we are planning for our next trip, we decided to visit some famous attractions here in Korea. We traveled for 4 nights and 5 days. We visited the Korean East Coast. I finally visited Kangwondo Province, the place that I wanted to visit in Korea. It's too far from where I live. It took us around nine hours although we took a rest many times, in fairness, It's really far. First we went to Sokcho, went to the beach and had dinner. Then we went down to Kangnung, Jongdongjin, Donghae, Samchok, Pohang and went home. We were supposed to go down until Pusan but it was too tiring. Besides, it was too cold because it's winter here in Korea and the temperature is minus degree celcius. I didn't wanna get off the car but I had no choice because I wanted to see the beauty of the East Sea.

I had a great time inspite of the freezing weather. I traveled to many countries and my mother in law said that Korea has also amazing places and wonderful sites. I think so! I'll show you the wonderful attractions the next time that I come back here.

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