Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Back to Korea

I came earlier than I expected. I missed my dog, my house, my plants, Korean programs specially drama, korean food and lots of things about Korea except the weather. We changed our flight so we came from our vacation a month earlier. It didn't stop snowing from the night of our arrival until yesterday. At least the weather is good today. It was sunny so some snow melted and it wasn't too cold.

My hubby said if the weather is good next week, we'll go out to see some sightseeings here in Korea. We visited some countries on our vacation so it's time for Korea. I hope it's not too cold or I'd rather stay home and watch tv or talk to my friends online.


Travel Insurance said...

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Irel said...

How nice it must be wonderful! I wish I will go to another country to visit unfortunately money is the lacking aspect. Anyway Happy New year!