Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Summer Clothes

I was chatting to my friend that I haven't met for more than ten years when she said that she wanted to see me on webcam because we live miles away. I wanted to but I couldn't because I was just wearing underwear at that time. It's too hot now a days so I don't wear clothes when I'm at home. I think it's the hottest summer that I have experienced here in Korea. Yesterday, the temperature was 34 degrees celcius.

And because I just wear underwears, I have to choose the lingeries that fits me well so I can look sexy in front of my hubby. It's much better if I wear new ones so while browsing online, I saw this olga lingeries. I like the styles and they look comfortable.

Do you think I'm the only one wearing underwears at home? My hubby does, too! So to be fair, I'm also thinking of getting him a giulio eventhough I've just bought him new trunks last weekend. I just love the design and I'm sure my hubby will love them, too. If you're looking for underwears specially for men, you check out these jockstraps. I was shock and I can't imagine my hubby wearing one of them but if I were to give a present specially to newly couples, I would surely choose jockstraps. Don't ask me why. Just check them out and you'll find the answer.

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