Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He loves shopping

I've noticed that my hubby always shops online now a days. He shops more than I do. He loves shopping. Whenever something delivered at home, he checks the websites where he can shop online and see what he can get again. Last month, I received four packages. Those are the things that he bought online. And today, he got a phone call telling that his order will come next week. I didn't know that he ordered car seats. My hubby loves his car even when he said that he wanted to change it, I think he could never do that. Besides, his car still looks new because he takes good care of it.

I agree on the article that I've read. It tells that you don't need to buy a new car. Instead of buying a new one, just buy new car accessories. It's not only because you can save much money but also your car will look stronger, unique and beautiful. There are also lots of special pickup truck accessories like this cargo box cover. Would you believe that there are over 500,000 accessories? Name it, and it will be available for you.

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