Thursday, October 15, 2009

The season changed

It's getting colder here everyday. Winter is coming again but of course fall will come first or I think it's already here. The leaves of the trees in my areas haven't changed in color yet but in some places like mountains have already changed in colors. I don't like cold weather but I waited for this season to come. Just because I wanna finish this year soon. My hubby and I have lots of plans next year and I'm longing for the year to come. Plans that were supposed to be done last year but because of economic crisis and money exchange rate, the plan changed. And now we can't just leave and go back to our plan easily because there are lots of things that we need to settle first. Next year is probably the right time. Let's see!

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eunice said...

hello! long time no see! Kinda miss this site hehe.

Is it getting cooler? Gosh it's getting hotter in Singapore! Usually in Oct, it's windy but not the case now. Global warming .. :S