Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm a different?

I thought I'm different to others who always want something bigger after getting what they want. I thought I'm already satisfied of what I have now. A few years ago, we bought a new car and we were very happy for that. Then we also moved to our own 3 bedrooms apartment. We were satisfied for a few years. Just last month when my hubby said that he wanted to change his car. My hubby is very careful when he drives and he didn't want his car to have scratches so it still looks new. This evening, we also talked about moving to a new and bigger apartment. He said 3 bedrooms is enough but he wants more bathroom and bigger living room. And he said new apartments have better interior. I agree with him and I can't deny that I also feel the same way. We are planning to sell our apartment and move to a bigger one after 3 years of living here and that's next year. We have to pay tax if we sell it before 3 years.

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