Sunday, August 23, 2009

A surprised visit

We were sleeping when my hubby's cellphone rang. It was 10a.m. and his friend called 'cause he wanted to have breakfast with him. My hubby doesn't eat breakfast and we usually sleep until noon on weekends. My hubby just told him to come home because we have lots of dishes. We visited my mother in law yesterday and she gave us 5 or more kinds of side dishes except the main dish that we had to eat last night but we dined out so we still have the duck stew (main dish). I think I already mentioned that Koreans eat different kinds of side dishes every meal.

We got up as soon as hubby received the phone call 'cause I needed to prepare breakfast. I just served all the dishes that my mother in law gave and added some side dishes that we had in the refrigerator. After breakfast, hubby's friend walk around the house to check everything in the house. He entered the rooms, touched everything that amazed him and he even opened the cupboards and refrigerator. Did I get angry? Of course not! I already got used to it. Besides it's Sunday today and I've done all the household chores yesterday. On Saturdays, I always clean the house because I always expect a surprised visit like this. My in laws, hubby's friends and sometimes my friends. Well, we were happy to hear some good words from hubby's friend. He got a good impression and we're happy that he likes our nest.

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Mike said...

Such a great friend... :) I admire those person who deals with this kind of situation in easy way