Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grapes Festival

Yesterday my hubby invited me to buy some fruits. There are lots of fruits stands here but because it has been a long time since we gone out so we decided to go to Grapes Plantation. First, to get some fresh air. Second, it's cheaper to go to plantation. Third, the fruits are fresh.

We were on our way to the Goseo Podobat that we've been before but we saw these big balloons.

They balloons that you see when there's a festival. If you wanna go to a festival, just follow the balloons hanging in the air and you can reach the place. Or if you see this kind of balloons that means they are holding a festival in that place.

After a few minutes we saw this place. Luckily, the people in Goseo are celebrating the Grapes Festival. There are many tents who are selling grapes. They also made a stage and put lots of chairs. It seems like they will also hold a singing competition.

There are also some games like catching fish in the pond.

But we didn't go there to join them in the fun but to buy grapes. Besides it was too hot so after buying two boxes of grapes, we drove home.

We gave the one box for my sister in law and another box for us.

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