Sunday, June 29, 2008

TGIF and weekend

I called my former co-worker and i had dinner with her last Friday night with some of my co-workers. We talked a lot of things mostly about work. We had much fun talking and we couldn't realize the time until my co-worker's mom called because she was worried. That was already past 11 p.m. and there were no buses to take. I called my hubby to pick me up and my co-workers took a taxi.

Today, we went to my sister in law's house. I haven't seen her since we left from our vacation so we had lunch with her this afternoon. She ordered agujjim. My hubby requested the food because he suddenly craved for it when i told him that i had agujjim with my co-workers. But the one that my sister in law ordered was more delicious than the one that i had because it has some crabs, seashells, and big shrimps. I gave her the small present that i bought in Australia that's why we visited her.

Btw, i want to share you this joke that my student shared us during our class last Friday. Our topic that time was about "Laugh" so i told them to share some jokes. Here it is:

She said, long time ago in a small village, there was only one bathroom that people had to share. There was a kid who went to the bathroom and then she heard that someone was waiting outside. She peeped at the door and she saw that the woman was wearing a white dress (ghosts in Korea wear white dress). She was scared so she couldn't go out. She stayed there for an hour. Finally, she decided to go out. Do you know what the woman told her?...... She said, "Because of you, i took a shit here."

We learned that most people laugh at least 17 times a day. How about you?

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