Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Let's get fit!

It has been a long time since we played badminton so last weekend, hubby and I went to the court just in the compound of our building where we usually play badminton but we saw these kids playing baseball. We went to the other area just next to them but instead of playing, we had fun watching them so we couldn't concentrate on our game. The fish that i usually check and count are also here. Just next to the court.

Because we couldn't play well so hubby told me to just take a walk just across from our apartment. We usually take a walk here after dinner. There are many people jogging and exercising in the evening. There are teenagers, olds, couples, etc... I have fun watching how they walk or run. We usually come home at 11p.m. but there are still people at that time. People like us who can't exercise in the morning usually do it at night.

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