Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let's enjoy and relax at Dubai

My hubby told me last week that he's going to asked again for a vacation to his boss. He has been asking for his vacation since last year because he wanted to travel. The boss didn't allow him and giving him a month vacation by the midst of this year. I thought their conversation finished there but then my hubby said he couldn't wait for several months to get his vacation. He said his willing to give up his job if the boss didn't give him a month vacation next month. Oh well, i just follow what he wants. I also want to travel but i can't leave my job.

Last night, my hubby told me to tell my boss to get a one month vacation next month. He said we'll travel somewhere for a month. I was supposed to tell my boss but he was very busy. Besides it wasn't the right time to tell him because he wasn't in the good mood the whole day. I hope we can both get a vacation so that we can travel. We didn't stop working for several years so i think it's time to get rest and relax.

I can't wait to visit the wonderful places like Dubai. I want to see the famous desert safari, have a BBQ dinner and see the belly dancing show and tour at Al Ain which is known as the "Garden City" and stay at the famous and relaxing dubai hotel apartment.

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Eldred Curwen said...

What a fantastic website. I have visited Dubai many times and am looking forward to take the kids there soon.

Eldred Curwen is an International Airline Pilot and an accommodation provider of Lake District Holiday Cottages. Having lived in The Lake District for 40+ years he is pleased to spend his free time promoting some of the most beautiful parts of England. Specifically The Lake District.